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From standard-format package inserts to catalogue inserts and product samples – with exclusive package inserts you have the highest degree of freedom in designing your advertising medium and for example you can use response cards. You can also decide, based on your target group, on various selection characteristics (for example age, gender, purchasing power or product affinity). Since you advertise alone, you can flexibly design all parameters according to your own wishes, such as the duration of distribution or the circulation volume of your package insert. Optimised and efficient work processes at DIMABAY enable insert advertising at attractive low prices. We are also happy to support you with the printing of your package inserts, as we have extremely favourable purchasing conditions due to large printing volumes.

Formats: standard inserts up to DIN A5 and max. 20g, other formats and weights in agreement


Sie können Ihre nächste Werbekampagne ganz einfach mit unserem Online-Konfigurator zusammenstellen und buchen. Ob Full-Service, die Verteilung Ihrer eigenen Beilagen oder nur der Druck von z.B. unserem beliebten Giftcard Flyern, wir geben Ihnen gerne unsere überaus guten Einkaufskonditionen weiter.

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