Case Studies von Werbetreibenden

The challenge:

DIMABAY‘s challenge was, to find a distributor who fits perfectly for is Germany’s market leader for online food-ordering. Not only is the biggest delivery service in Germany, but it also looks after many regional delivery services exclusively. The German based enterprise was founded in 2007, its main office is in Braunschweig and it boasts more than 120 employees. As an online delivery service, their products cater to a very broad target audience. Choosing the right distributor is essential in order for a campaign with package inserts to succeed. Special emphasis is put on straightforward preparation, along with a smooth running campaign.

The solution:

DIMABAY’s distributor database and services DIMABAY has more than 2000 distributors solely in Germany, and has more than 30 million contacts in Europe. DIMABAY finds the correct distributor for enterprises with a very specific customer base. DIMABAY finds attractive partners with an appropriate monthly shipping volume and looks after the complete campaign process, from start to finish. This includes the printing of inserts, the notification of delivery with distributors and any logistical hurdles, such as packaging and scheduled deliveries.

DIMABAY identified the perfect distributor for from the entertainment-sector. Based on the fact that DIMABAY will choose the correct distributor and select the optimal timing of the campaign, got the best results from their campaign.

About is Germany’s market leader for online delivery service.

The challenge:

Implementation of international campaigns through one contact person is one of Europe’s leading online-vendors of tyres and rims, also possessesing more than 37 chain stores. The Germany-based enterprise currently operates online-shops in five different countries and has more than half a million customers per year. Like other companies operating across Europe, the marketing department operates from their main office in Hannover, Germany. It was important for to have the capability to book advertising services for all countries at one, central service provider, as opposed to several different points of contact.

The solution:

International inserts with DIMABAY

DIMABAY offers package inserts across Europe, in countries such as; Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the UK. For customers operating internationally, DIMABAY offers a large communication advantage. Campaigns in different countries don’t have to be booked at several different service providers or contact persons, but can be offered from a single source. Every member of DIMABAY’s sales staff has extensive knowledge of other international markets they are not primarily responsible for. The generalist training of the staff and the close networking of the international teams makes this possible.

Contact persons at DIMABAY are therefore able to propose fitting distributors in different markets in order to reach the right target group. There is no loss in quality and the campaigns of were very successful in all tested territories.

About is one of Europe’s leading vendors of car and motorcycle tyres, complete wheels and rims, and has an online presence in Germany (, Austria (, Switzerland (, France ( and Italy (

The challenge:

Adding package inserts to the marketing mix for a supplier of mobile telephone contracts.

eteleon AG is a mobile communications provider with numerous tariff offers and brands. They are the German leader for online distribution of mobile phone products. For many years, they reported decisively profitable and a growing business activity. They distribute products from the following sectors; telecommunication, IT- and entertainment-technology via e-commerce and other channels. 

eteleon AG offers price leading mobile tariffs via it’s own brands such as DeutschlandSIM and discoTEL. They cooperate with more than 15,000 sales partners over several platforms including internet, TV-Shopping and other channels. Some of their most renowned partners include Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Warsteiner and McDonalds. 

Contrary to the low-pricing of online marketing activities, print marketing involves high costs. Unlike physical consumer goods such as clothes, the response rate for mobile phone products is generally lower. The measurable success of print marketing is also typically lower than that of the online, as normally costs are only incurred in case of a sale. Therefore, the challenge is primarily to refinance the higher marketing costs, e.g production and distribution costs for offline coupon marketing.

The solution:

Specific Target group advertising at cost-effective conditions

In order to achieve considerable reach at the best price possible, partner-inserts and booklets were tested as a first solution. DIMABAY’s advantage in particular is that the target group is very internet savvy. At the same time, DiscoTEL and DeutschlandSIM promoted attractive mobile tariffs on the inserts. eteleon AG were thus able to generate high click rates and attain a very good conversion rate, making the campaigns a financial success for all involved parties.

About eteleon AG:

With 300,000 contracts per year, eteleon AG is Germany’s leader for onlinesales of mobile phone tariffs. The brands DeutschlandSIM, discoTEL, discoPLUS, discoSURF, eteleon, fastSIM, winSIM,, Intelligram, PremiumSIM and M2M-mobil, all with specific tariff offers, are part of their enterprise. eteleon AG belongs 100% to the concern of market-listed mobile phone service provider Drillisch AG (TecDAX, WKN 554550).

The challenge:

Regional distribution of package inserts in metropolitan areas

POLO Motorrad is one of the leading providers of motorcycle-apparel, supplies and technology in the German-speaking area. Aside from its 80 stores, POLO Motorrad also operates a mail order and an online shop. The challenge is the fact that the coupons are to be used for “cross-media” purposes. Package inserts are not only to be used to win new customers for the online shop; another aim is to promote the POLO chain stores regionally as well. Regional distribution of package inserts, however, lowers the potential reach of the campaign. At the same time, POLO Motorrad’s business has a strong seasonal character, making it impossible to distribute all year round in order to increase reach.

Die Lösung:

DIMABAY’s strength of reach

By pooling the distribution capacities of several thousand mail-order companies, DIMABAY can potentially deliver package inserts inside several million shipments, with a selective geographical distribution of package inserts as well. Even with regional distribution in combination with other selection criteria, an attractive reach is possible. For a primarily male target group a regional distribution in the Greater Berlin area was realized and as a result, the basis was set for redemption of the coupons in the POLO chain stores in Berlin and Potsdam. Furthermore, the coupon was also redeemable in the POLO online shop, as well. DIMABAY was able to connect via the coupon action the chain-store and the online business via its package insert; “cross-media”, and gain new customers for both channels of distribution.

About Polo Motorrad:

POLO Motorrad und Sportswear GmbH is one of the leading providers for motorcycle-apparel and supplies in Germany.

The challenge:

Advertising success with a distinct target group limitation

Zooplus has for more than ten years been a reliable provider for pet supplies and pet food. The product range is very large and they have more than 8,000 products permanently in stock. Zooplus as a pure online business focuses on an easy and comfortable shopping experience for the customer. Zooplus’ active not only in Germany, but in 23 different countries all over Europe – from the UK to Italy and from Spain to Slovakia. As a pure online shop, Zooplus in the past mainly focused on online marketing as the success of advertisings and the newly gained customers are easy to track. Another challenge was trying to target the correct customers through offline marketing.

The solution:

Booklet campaigns with DIMABAY

As a first test, Zooplus decided to place a 10% coupon within a DIMABAY voucher booklet. In a booklet, a total of 15 partners share the advertising space and thus also share the costs for the campaign. The booklets by DIMABAY are published in print runs of 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 copies. Because of the selective distribution of the booklet, the campaign was a big success for Zooplus. Shortly after the start of the distribution and before the end of the validity of the coupon, Zooplus broke even quickly, and profited greatly as a result of orders from new customers. The number of gained customers was a lot higher than expected.

About zooplus:

Zooplus operates a Europe-wide online mail-order for pet-supplies in 23 countries and has been offering an extensive product assortment for more than 14 years.

Recommendations from DIMABAY

  • Pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical advertising strategies should be avoided when dealing with package inserts and instead advertising campaigns should be executed constantly the whole year.

  • Package inserts are one of the widest-reaching and most cost-effective offline advertising measures

  • Inserts should be adjusted to the needs of the customers and instead of purely informational inserts, a value added for the customer should be offered.

  • Product samples are most popular, followed by coupons. Informational flyers and catalogues appeal less to the consumers taste.

  • If a minimum order value is used, the coupon value should be chosen at a ratio of 1:3 to 1:5 to the minimum order value.

  • In general, a coupon with a nominal value (e.g. 10 EUR) is preferable to a percentile coupon (e.g. 20%)

  • Neither a very high reach with a bad quality of contacts, nor very expensive contacts with a low reach are recommendable.

  • Groups should be targeted by their affinity to products. This will significantly limit the scattering of losses.

11 Tipps für erfolgreiche Beilagentests

  1. Arbeiten Sie in Ihrer Beilagenwerbung mit Responsemöglichkeiten und Werbecodes, die über alle Bestellwege und für alle Testvariablen nachvollziehbar und auswertbar sind.

  2. Buchen Sie nur dort, wo Sie absolute Transparenz über die Platzierung Ihrer Beilagen haben.

  3. Nutzen Sie jede Chance zur Durchführung eines Tests.

  4. Testen Sie jeweils immer nur eine Variable.

  5. Führen Sie keine Tests ohne Vergleichsmöglichkeit durch.

  6. Testen Sie nur relevante Variablen.

  7. Unterziehen Sie auch Ihre „Favoriten“ einem Test.

  8. Wiederholen Sie Tests in bestimmten Abständen, um die Ergebnisse zu überprüfen.

  9. Beachten Sie die mathematischen Grundsätze des Testens.

  10. Hinterfragen Sie die Plausibilität von Testergebnissen und testen Sie Überraschendes erneut.

  11. Monitoren Sie Ihre Testergebnisse, um größtmögliche Learnings zu erzielen.